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Popular Links within The Edzell Connection
Attention all NAVY personnel. - Okay, Roger and I have enjoyed giving former Edzell members a way to stay in touch and even though some of the info on here is dated, the guestbook is still alive and kicking. BUT... Here is the newest and greatest website for NAVY people only. I have started using it and have found more people on this website in 1 month than 4 years on this website. I KNOW YOU WILL LOVE THIS WEBSITE. Please sign up and check it out. I know you will be happy to have joined. This website is designed to get people back in touch and share photo's if they want. It is must website for any NAVY person who browses this website. Here are the details. (NTWS) - a one of a kind, feature rich website specially created to provide Sailors and Naval Aviators, of all eras, the opportunity to not only locate Shipmates from the past, but also to provide a unique venue for Sailors to enjoy the camaraderie of others who served through the sharing of memories and photographs.

NTWS has no public access and only those who served in the United States Navy are eligible to come aboard. Joining is completely free and enables you to create your own personal Navy Service profile page including the voluntary posting of your Training Schools, the Ships or Shore Stations you were assigned to, the Combat Missions you participated in and even the Medals, Insignia and Breast Badges you were awarded in a very attractive and accurate format.

Navy - Together We Served
Join here

Find a Friend - Here is an area we hope will help you track down a lost friend of yours. Good luck finding them.

Recipe Database - It's new and ready to be filled both here and in your stomachs. A new recipe area to get all the wifes, (and male cooks) involved in this computer age. Please, we know there are people from all over the world, why don't you put in your favorite recipes, or local entrees and let everyone enjoy them. So come check out the Recipe Book and get your fill.

Edzellites needing Assistance. - This spot is the location of questions from other people who need help finding things, answering questions, telling you of local events and so on. We will keep this area for non emergencies and projects or hobbies of others. We hope this helps.

Memory Lane - This area is for people to see things from their past and reflect. Only you can make this page an exciting walk down memory lane. So gather your memories and send them to us or scan them & also send them. Just get them to us so we can show off your memorabilia.

Websites of other Edzellites - Come check in here for personal websites of visitors, Edzellites, and local Brits. They work hard on them and the quality shows. Come check them out.

American We Stand

Supporting Links
U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association
U.S. Navy Offical HomePage (** Must See)
United Kingdom Golfing
Fettercairn photographer, Catriona Fraser
Panmure Arms Hotel
Marine Corps Cryptologic Association
Remembering Edzell by Christa (Greer) Hammer
RAF Greenham Common
A Guide to the best of Montrose
Testimonial / Awards Page

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Scottish Thistle taken by Judith Gresko.

Edzell News

Racing in Edzell? Yes, it has came true. There is a motorcycle club in Edzell now and racing happens quite regulary. Check out the website for photo's and details.

Do you remember T.R. Gordon? Well he wrote an interesting new book packed with 170 pages of colored pictures and stories of our favorite Scotland areas. Check out his website at or email him at He can give you the information you need to purchase the book.

Edzell Wood Homes - Yes, everyone knew it was for sale, check out these two photos supplied to us showing the New Edzell Woods and the sample asking price for our former homes.

Tartan clothing - This new area is for people interested in picking up a U.S. Navy, Marine or Seabee Tartan. The company offering this to us is Strathmore Woollen Co. LTD. Go to the page and see what they offer and how much it will cost.

Edzell Reunions
- Washington D.C. - October 18, 1997 Reunion
- Edzell Scotland - August 3, 2002 Reunion

Check here for info on local radio/TV stations in Scotland.

Check here for info on (ETC) Edzell Triangle Club.

Edzell Yearbook
- Here is a little look at the Edzell Yearbook that was offered at the base when it was nearing time to close the base. If there ever is a chance to get more, we will contact the mailing list. Check out the Edzell Yearbook page to see more info on it.

Did you know this?
- Did you know you can get health insurance from the military if you don't have insurance anywhere else? In October 1996, Congress passed the Veterans' Health Care Eligibility Reform Act of 1996. The has the application and more details to see if you qualify but maybe this will help someone. A former Edzellite found this out and has since applied, why don't you check it out if you need Medical benefits. Details on

Looking for a Great Place to stay in the Edzell Area??? - For those of you traveling back through Edzell, make a stop in Brechin at the Liscara Bed & Breakfast. The owners, Mike Hudson, who happens to be the old RAF Commander of Edzell from 1988 - 1991, and his wife June will welcome you with open arms and wonderful hospitality. The B&B includes a cozy Victorian setting with a lavish full course breakfast at a very reasonable price. (June is a great cook!) There is no B&B that compares when it comes to making you feel right at home. It gives you just what your looking for when you travel back to revisit old times in Edzell. They miss the old base just as much as the rest of us and are willing to talk about the great experiences that we all had there. Make sure you include the Liscara B&B in your travels. You won't be disappointed!

Play Battleship - Why not take the computer on in a classic game of Battleship.

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Roger Shambaugh and Dale Trzebiatowski for the hope to hold on to the good times we had at RAF Edzell and get others back in touch with their lost friends.